Improving communication skills across all ages

Teacher and Young Student


Talking Point is able to offer the following services for children:

  • Speech, language and pragmatic assessments with comprehensive reports (including funding applications);

  • Individual and group therapy targeting – language learning difficulties;

  • Individual therapy targeting - articulation therapy; dysfluency therapy; literacy and phonic based therapy; pragmatic (social skills) therapy;

  • Training and support for parents, teachers and integration aides in implementing therapy techniques to children with speech and language learning difficulties.

  • Literacy development for children with language disorders and/or children with English as a Second Language (ESL).

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School Days


Talking Point is able to offer the following services for schools:

  • Consultative work (providing your school with individualised programs for students' speech, language learning difficulties and pragmatic difficulties;

  • Professional development workshops and presentations to staff and parents on speech and language learning difficulties, providing techniques on how to teach students with these difficulties.

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Business Handshake


Talking Point is able to offer the following additional services for Corporate clients:

  • Comprehensive and detailed programs for clients looking to enhance English pronunciation skills to further their social and professional interactions;

  • Customised program for clients interested in enhancing their presentation skills within the work place environment;

  • Corporate Etiquette education (including cultural awareness, emailing & phone skills, office intercommunication skills);

  • Career management (incorporating the above programs to further career prospects);

  • Language Coaching.

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Giving a Presentation


Talking Point is able to offer the following services for adults:

  • Swallowing assessments with comprehensive reports including regular follow up care;

  • Dysfluency therapy;

  • Pragmatic (social skills) therapy;

  • Communication programs (to assist with speech and language progress).

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