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Individual Sessions

We are able to offer children individualised programs which we have created in the areas of speech, language, reading and pragmatic development.

Call: 1300 737 119


Presentation Skills & More

We are able to provide corporate businesses with comprehensive and detailed programs for clients looking to enhance English pronunciation skills to further their social and professional interactions at work. As well as assisting in corporate etiquette skills including organisational and presentation skills. This is an additional service to Speech Pathology, and is considered as growing your business.


Classroom Assessments & Programs

We can offer your school consultative work by providing your school with individualised programs for students' speech, language learning difficulties, reading and pragmatic difficulties. Coupled with supporting teaching staff with programs to assist these children with specific learning needs.

Call: 1300 737 119
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Shilpa Prabhu, Managing Director

Managing Director, Shilpa has had an extensive and successful career in Speech Pathology in both New South Wales and Victoria, and has been practicing as a private practitioner in Speech Pathology for over 15 years. Shilpa has a depth of experience in paediatrics ranging from children in mainstream schools to children with disabilities (including Autism Spectrum Disorder). She also has a distinctive scope of knowledge and experience with adults particularly in the areas of English pronunciation and corporate etiquette. Shilpa has worked for both La Trobe University, Melbourne and Sydney University, Sydney, supervising and mentoring Speech Pathology students.

Shilpa has extensive knowledge and experiences in assisting clients with:

  • Speech and language learning difficulties

  • Social skills difficulties

  • Literacy difficulties

  • Early learning difficulties

  • Fluency difficulties

  • Swallowing issues

  • English pronunciation development

  • Business Etiquette education

  • Career management development.

"Talking Point" of the month...

Our Favourite Ideas for this Month:

Our favourite book to read at the moment to our children is Where the Wild Things Are. A true classic with lots of old school adventures.

Our favourite game to play with our children at the moment is Scary Bingo. Scary from the outside but lots of fun and laughter to be had. Such a beautifully presented game with loveable characters. A real family winner.

Our favourite activity to do at the moment is listening to audiobooks in the car on the way to and from school. A great way for children to listen to a book and start being engaged in reading.

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